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What is the User Infraction System?
What is the User Infraction System?

The user infraction system is a tool used by the staff to ensure members interact according to the rules of CariGold Forum. If a rule is broken, the staff can place an infraction mark on the post and this mark will remain on a user's profile both for the duration of the infraction period and after the infraction period has expired.

How do I avoid getting an infraction?

The easiest way to ensure you are not breaking the rules is to be kind and considerate to all members. However, there are other issues the staff will be monitoring, such as posting original/copy written content, using proper grammar, etc. There are other rules that are not mentioned here and as a member of CertForums, you agreed to the Rules and Guidelines when you joined the forum. If you need reminding of the R & G please look here.

How will I know when I have broken a rule?

You will receive a private message from the staff member who gave the infraction. The PM will state which post was offensive, will include a link to that post, and a brief message from the staff member giving the reason for the infraction. Once an infraction has been given, you will see a small red or yellow tag on the bottom left hand corner of the offending post. A yellow tag means that only a warning was issued (has no lasting effects), and a red tag means that a full infraction was issued (a penalty was assigned).

How does the infraction system work?

When an infraction has been issued, depending on the type of infraction, points are given. When a member reaches 5 points, the member will be hit with an automatic ban. This ban will then be reviewed by either a Senior Moderator or an Admin. If the senior member of staff upholds the ban then it will stay. If, however, it is decided that a permanent ban is too severe then a lesser infraction may be issued. All infraction points will last for 1 month from the date of the infraction.

Infraction points are issued like so:

Title Points Expiration
Insult, Provoke, Bad Word, Inappropriate Behaviour/Language 1 1 Day
Hijacking Thread With Unuseful/Promotional Post 1 1 Week
Offtopic/Unrelated/Useless Posting 1 1 Day
Posting Copyrighted Material 1 1 Week
Personal Attack 1 7 Days
Trolling/Flaming 1 1 Week
Spamming 5 Permanent Ban
Spamming Advertisements 5 Permanent Ban

The other thing that you should all be aware of is if a member has 5 active infractions, i.e. they are still within the 1 month period; they will be subject to an immediate automatic ban.

Will the moderators still ban members permanently?

Yes and this always will be the case. However, please remember that banning members has always been a last resort and is never taken lightly. These rules are for the benifit of all and to keep spam off the forums.

What if I was wrongly accused of a rule infraction?

If you were given an infraction by accident, or you feel that it was undeserved, you can submit an appeal with any of the Administrators for the infraction to be reversed; such appeals should only be sent to one Admin. That Admin will then take the appeal request to the other staff for discussion. All situations are discussed by the entire staff. This dialogue among the staff will help eliminate infractions based primarily on personality conflicts and should help minimize biases in their application.

To sum up...
The infraction system is a tool that has been implemented to give users warnings if their posts are

  1. Against the rules, or
  2. The user's behaviour is deemed inappropriate.

The infraction system does not remove the rights or privileges of the administration to punish or ban without assigning an infraction, but it does give another layer of information for them to use when making such decisions. Overall, it will improve and update the system previously in place.

Hopefully, much of the above will never be a factor, but we wanted to help you understand what we do and why, because we are all part of this community together. Thanks for your attention.

Restrictions in specific Sub Forum
Some registered member may cannot enter certain/few sub forums due to following several reasons :-

  • Forum member who has detected by aggressively made a posting in the forum (posting without motive, annoying, interrupting threads) with intention to increase individual posting amount tremendously. This is one of the activity that we called spamming. By right spamming violation is permanent ban but administrator has giving opportunity for selected member to change this behavior maybe someday in the future.
  • Forum member who has detected keep violating sub forum announcement requests that require forumer positive ethique such as to be mature, serious within discussion, no off topic & etc etc. Restricted member can appeal to release from this restriction with condition of changing this attitude.

  • Forum member who consistently keep opening new thread in wrong section within GENERAL DISCUSSION & WITH INTENTION to gain others support & create confusion. eg : New thread politics issues they considered as current issues.