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Overtoun Bridge

Posted 02-07-2019 at 02:26 AM by Xploit Machine

Next, to Scotland. This creepy bridge called Overtoun Bridge is haunted by a mysterious, unknown force, that wills dogs to their death. For unknown reasons hundreds of dogs have spontaneously committed suicide on this bridge by jumping off it.

Hundreds of dog owners have reported walking their beloved pet along this 15 metre tall bridge, when suddenly the dog goes crazy and leaps off the side of the bridge without warning. The cases always happen around the same point along the bridge.

Over 50 dogs in the past 50 years have taken their own life in the exact same way on Overtoun Bridge. So what is causing these animals to kill themselves? After all, dogs are usually rather happy little fellas; itís largely unheard of for a dog to take their own life.

Is it an evil spirit haunting the bridge? Or does the sight of the bridge just freak them out? In Celtic mythology, Overtoun is known as "The Thin Place", an area where heaven and earth are said to be very close. Some believe dogs are more sensitive to paranormal forces and if Celtic mythology is correct, this bridge is flooded with both good and evil spirits.

However scientists who have studied the bridge have a more rational explanation. They found a colony of mink that reside underneath the bridge. The mink's powerful anal glands leave scent marks wherever they go and this smell has proven to be irresistible to dogs during trials.

So the most likely explanation is that the dogs are uncontrollably drawn to the enticing scent of musty mink anus below the bridge and, unwise to the dangers of high places, they throw themselves off the bridge in pursuit of the smell. Sadly betrayed by their own noses.
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