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Posted 02-07-2019 at 02:25 AM by Xploit Machine

In Columbia County, Pennsylvania is a borough called Centralia that is a real-life ghost town. In 1981 Centralia had a population of over 1,000. Today it has a population of just 10. So what happened? Where did everyone go?

Centralia used to be a thriving coal mining community. In 1962 a fire started in a mine beneath the town. Which is not good considering the entire town sits on top of a huge vein of coal.

The townsfolk tried everything they could to put the fire out including smothering it with water and even covering it in clay, but it continued to burn, regardless. The fire quickly spread to numerous other mines underneath the town.

Then the ground, all over the town, started to collapse due to the immense heat coming from the fire raging away below ground. Pavements started to crack and crumble. Houses collapsed without warning and sinkholes appeared in random locations. Engulfing buildings and people.

The people of Centralia decided the town was no longer safe to live in and with no hope of ever extinguishing the fire, everyone left. Apart from 10 stubborn people who refused to leave. Most of the building have either collapsed due to the fire, or been left abandoned for nature to take over.

Today Centralia is a near ghost town; the main road which passed through the town, has been blocked off because it's too dangerous. Signs have also been erected throughout the town, warning people of the severe dangers posed by the never-ending, underground fire. It is estimated that at its current rate the fire will continue to burn for another 250 years.
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