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Old 12-01-2012, 02:04 PM
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Default Mari sama-sama belajar bahasa Thailand dengan mudah


• Zero - Soon
• One - Neung
• Two - Soong
• Three - Saam
• Four - Sii
• Five - Haa
• Six - Hok
• Seven - Chet
• Eight - Ped
• Nine - Kao
• Ten - Sip
• 11 Eleven - Sip et
• 12 Twelve - Sip Soong
• 13 Thirteen - Sip Saam
• 20 Twenty - Yii sip
• 21 Twenty one - Yii sip et
• 100 One Hundred - Neung roy
• 120 One Hundred twenty - Neung roy yii sip
• 1000 One Thousand - Neung phan
• 1100 One Thousand One Hundred - Neung phan neung roy
• 10,000 Ten Thousand - Neung muen
• 10,100 Ten Thousand One hundred - Neung muen neung roy
• 100,000 Hundred Thousand - Neung saen
• 1,000,000 One million - Neung laan


Midnight - Tiang Khuen

1 am - Tee Neung
2 am - Tee Soong
3 am - Tee Saam
4 am - Tee Sii
5 am - Tee Haa

6 am - Hok Mong Chao
7 am - Chet Mong Chao
8 am - Ped Mong Chao
9 am - Kao Mong Chao
10 am - Sip Mong Chao
11 am - Sip Et Mong Chao

12 pm (noon) - Tiang

1 pm -Bai Mong
2 pm - Bai Soong Mong
3 pm - Bai Saam Mong
4 pm - Bai Sii Mong

5 pm - Haa Mong Yen
6 pm - Hok Mong Yen

7 pm - Neung Toom
8 pm - Soong Toom
9 pm - Saam Toom
10 pm - Sii Toom
11 pm - Haa Toom

5 minutes - Haa Naa tee
10 minutes - Sip Naa tee
15 minutes - Sip Haa Naa tee
20 minutes - Yee sip Naa tee
25 minutes - Yee sip haa Naatee
30 minutes - Saam sip Naa tee
Half hour - Kreuang Chua Mong
One hour - Neung Chua Mong
Two hours - Song Chua Mong
24 hours - Yee Sip Sii Chua Mong


Saying "khrap" or "ka" at the end, is the polite way of conversing.
• Hello - Sa waa dii khrap (for males) Sa waa di ka (for females)
• Thank you - Khop khun
• How are you - Sa bai di mai
• I am fine - Sa bai di khrap / ka
• I am sorry - Khaw thot khrap / ka
• Yes - Chai
• No - Mai Chai
• Goodbye - La gon
• What time is it? - Kee Mong
• Good morning - A run sa wat
• Good afternoon - Sa wat dii tawn thiang
• Good evening - Sa wat dii tawn yen
• Good night - Ra trii sa wat


• Can you help me - Chuay nay dai mai
• No problem - Mai bpen rai
• What is your name - Khun chue a arai
• My name is - Pom chue {name** (for males) Chan chue {name** (for females)
• Nice to meet you - Yin dii thii dai ru jak
• Nice to talk to you - Yin dii thii dai khui duay
• Good - Dii
• Great - Yiam mak
Pom - Me/I for Males
Chan - Me/I for Females
• Don't know - Mai ruu
• Understand - Khao jai
• Don't undrstand - Mai khao jai
For Dating / Loving Couples
• Cute - Na rak
• You are so cute - Khun na rak maak
• Beautiful - Suay
• You are so beautiful - Khun suay maak
• Like - Chawp
• I like you - Pom chawp khun
• Very much - Maak
• Can i have your number - Pom khaw ber tho ra sap dai mai
• Here is my number - Nii ber tho ra sap khwang pom
• I will give you a call - Laeo pom ja tho haa
• Are you free tonight -Khuen nee khun waang mai
• Are you free tomorrow - Phrung nee khun waang mai
• Can i see you tomorrow - Phrung nee pom jer khun dai mai
• Can you stay tonight - Khuen nee yu dai mai
• I love you - Pom rak khun
• Kiss me - Jup pom noi
• Lets go to my place - Pai thii hoong koong pom kan te
• Sweet dreams - Faan dii na
• I am hungry - Pom/Chan hiew
• Are you hungry - Khun hiew mai
• I am thirsty - Pom/Chan hiew naam
• Are you thirsty - Khun hiew naam mai
• Do you want a drink - Khun yaak duem a rai mai
• Let's have breakfast - Thaan a haan chao kan
• Let's have lunch - Thaan a haan thiang kan
• Lets have dinner - Thaan a haan yen kan
• What do you want to eat - Khun yaak thaan a rai
• Can i have the menu - Khaw me nu duay
• Is this one spicy - An nii phet mai
• Can you make this less spicy - Chuay tham hai mai phet maak duay
• Can i have one more of that - Khaw an nii phom dai mai
• That taste good - Nan aa roy
• I like that - Pom/ Chan chop an nan
• I don't like that - Pom/Chan mai chop an nan
• Can i have this - Pom/Chan ao an nii
• When do you close - Khun pit khii moong
• Can I have the bill - Kep ngeon duay
• Enjoy your meal - Thaan aa haan hai a roy na
• I don’t want - Pom mai aow khrap
• I want - Aow
• How old are you - Khun ayu tao rai khrap
• Sorry - Khor thot
• I am sorry - Khor thot khrap
• Do you want to go party with me - Pai teaw douy kan mai khrap
• Have you eaten yet - Khin khao re yang
• I have eaten - Khin laew khrap
• What are you doing there - Tham arai yu khrap
• Do you have bf/gf already - Mee faaen le yang
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Old 12-01-2012, 02:06 PM
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Anda Mencari Mesin Jahit?
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Old 12-01-2012, 02:06 PM
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kalau ko convert dalam bahasa Mongolia macam nak lak
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Old 12-01-2012, 02:17 PM
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pok den = 8/9 mata akan di panggil den.......kalo bunga daun sama or no kembar kena bayar double.
made in thailand....
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Old 12-01-2012, 02:21 PM
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Soon Neung Hok Hok Chet Sii Sii Ped Chet Chet... sampai 5 saat aku dh pandai
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Old 12-01-2012, 02:22 PM
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ni mesti semua tau..

met in tai-laen daen-din tai rao
"Made in Thailand", our land,

gep gan jon gao rao mee dtae kong-dee dee
we've kept it since the ancient times, there's been many good things.

maa dtang-dtae gon soo-koh-tai maa lop-boo-ree a-yoo-ta-yaa ton-boo-ree
Since the eras of Sukhothai, to Lopburi, Ayuthaya, Thonburi,

yook-sa-mai nee bpen gor-tor-mor
through to modern day Bangkok.

meuang tee kon dtok tor (mai-ao yaa bpai waa kao naa)
The city where people fall down the open drains (don't blame them for it).

met in tai-laen daen tai tam eng
"Made in Thailand", made in our own land,

ja rong ram tam pleng gor laa leuk lee-laa
the land of the meaningful songs and dances.

fa-rang aep chop-jai dtae kon-tai mai-hen-kaa
Foreigners secretly are admirers of Thai products, but Thais don't see their worth.

glua noy-naa waa koon kaa-ni-yom mai tan-sa-mai
Scared of being looked down upon, that liking Thai products isn't fashionable.

met in meuang-tai laew krai ja rap-bpra-gan ha
If it's "Made in Thailand", who's going to give the guarantee for them?

(chan waa man naa-ja mee kon rap-pit-chop baang)
(I think someone should accept responsibilty for this.)

met in tai-laen faen faen kao-jai
"Made in Thailand", and all it's admirers understand.

plit-pon kon-tai chai eng tam eng
That these are products produced by Thais, made by Thais.

dtat yep seua paa gaang gohng gaang-geng gaang-geng-yeen (cha noy nae)
the shirts, trousers, and jeans,
laew keun kreuang-bin bpai song kao-maa
are sent abroad on planes, and then imported back.

kon-tai dai-naa (fa-rang mang kaa dai ngern)
It's the Thais who gain face (but it's the foreigners who get the money.)


met in tai-laen por kwaen dtaam raan-kaa
"Made in Thailand", and when put up in the shops.

maa dtit-bpai dtit dtraa waa met in jay bpaen
They put the "Made in Japan" labels upon them.

gor kai-dip-kai-dee mee-raa-kaa
Then they sell well, sell for high prices

kui gan dai waa man maa dtaang-daen
and the wearers then brag they've got imported clothes,

tang tan-sa-mai maa-jaak maek-gaa-seen
the latest fashions, from the magazines.

kao mai-dai lok rao gin
It wasn't the foreginers who cheated us.

lok rao nan lok-dtua-eng ... oie
But it was us who cheated ourselves...oh....
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Old 12-01-2012, 02:23 PM
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banjir..nam tuam..
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Old 12-01-2012, 02:27 PM
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mrlan kharppp....

Last edited by mrlan09; 12-01-2012 at 02:29 PM..
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Old 12-01-2012, 02:34 PM
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kap kum tom yam sea food
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