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ARIFFX 19-06-2008 12:38 AM

Petronas Strikes Back
Dear all,

> After reading all the chain mails and blogs, I feel called
> to reply,
> because of the relentless attacks and allegations -- most
> of which are
> inaccurate or baseless -- against PETRONAS.

> 1) The salaries paid to PETRONAS' employees are not as
> high as people
> think. At best, they are just industry average. And these
> are not
> attractive enough for some who left PETRONAS to find work
> at other
> companies (mainly from the Middle East) which are willing
> to pay more.
> Why do they pay more? The oil and gas industry worldwide
> has been facing
> acute shortage of qualified or experienced personnel, so
> most companies
> are willing to pay lots of money to entice and pinch staff
> from their
> competitors.

> Bonus? There has NEVER been a bonus amounting to 6 months
> or 12 months
> throughout the 33 years. On average, it is 2 months. But
> don't ever
> think we don't deserve it. We more than deserve it. A
> lot of us work
> really hard, some in the most extreme of conditions. Those
> who have been
> to and worked in northern Sudan, for example, would testify
> that it's
> like working in a huge blower oven. Southern Sudan, on the
> other hand,
> is almost all swamps and mud. Imagine having to go through
> that kind of
> heat, or waddling in muddy swamps, day in and day out.

> 2) Malaysia produces about 600,000 barrels of crude oil per
> day (and
> about 100,000 barrels condensate). Of this crude volume,
> 339,000 barrels
> are refined locally for local consumption. The rest is
> exported (and
> yes, because it has lower sulphur content it fetches higher
> prices).

> Malaysia also imports about 230,000 barrels of crude oil
> per day, mainly
> from the Middle East, to be refined here. This crude oil
> contains higher
> sulphur and is less expensive (so the country gains more by
> exporting
> our crudes). In Malaysia, this crude is processed by
> PETRONAS at its
> second refinery in Melaka, and also by Shell at its Port
> Dickson
> refinery.

> Different refineries are built and configurated to refine
> different
> types of crude. And each crude type yields different
> percentage of
> products (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, cooking gas etc) per
> barrel.

> But most importantly, products that come out at the end of
> the refining
> process have the same good quality regardless of the crude
> types. That's
> why PETRONAS, Shell and Exxon Mobil share the same pipeline
> to transport
> the finished products from their refineries to a
> distribution centre in
> the Klang Valley. The three companies collect the products
> at this
> centre accordingly to be distributed to their respective
> distribution
> networks. What makes PETRONAS' petrol different from
> Shell's, for
> example, is the additive that each company adds.

> 3) A lot of people also do not understand the role and
> function of
> PETRONAS, which is essentially a company, a business
> entity, which
> operates on a commercial manner, to mainly generate income
> and value for
> its shareholder. In this case, PETRONAS' shareholder is
> the Government.

> In 1974, when PETRONAS was set up, the Government gave
> million (peanuts, right?) as seed capital. From 1974 to
> 2007, PETRONAS
> made RM570 billion in accumulated profits, and returned to
> the
> Government a total of RM335.7 billion. That is about 65% of
> the profits.
> That means for every RM1 that PETRONAS makes, 65 sen goes
> back to the
> Government.

> Last year, PETRONAS made a pre-tax profit of RM86.8
> billion. The amount
> given back to the Government (in royalty, dividends,
> corporate income
> tax, petroleum products income tax and export duty) was
> RM52.3 billion.
> The rest of the profit was used to pay off minority
> interests and taxes
> in foreign countries (about RM7.8 billion - PETRONAS now
> operates in
> more than 30 countries), and the remaining RM26.7 billion
> was
> reinvested. The amount reinvested seems a lot, but the oil
> and gas
> industry is technology- and capital-intensive. Costs have
> gone up
> exponentially in the last couple of years. Previously, to
> drill a well,
> it cost about US$3 million; now it costs US$7 million. The
> use of rigs
> was US$200,000 a day a couple of years ago; now it costs
> US$600,000 a
> day.

> A lot of people also do not realise that the amount
> returned by PETRONAS
> to the Government makes up 35% of the Government's
> total annual income,
> to be used by the Government for expenditures, development,
> operations,
> and yes, for the various subsidies. That means for every
> RM1 the
> Government makes, 35 sen is contributed by PETRONAS.

> So, instead of asking what happens to PETRIONAS' money
> or profits,
> people should be questioning how the money paid by PETRONAS
> to the
> Government is allocated.

to be continue....

ARIFFX 19-06-2008 12:40 AM

> 4) A lot of people also ask, why Malaysia exports its crude
> oil.
> Shouldn't we just stop exporting and sell at cheaper
> prices to local
> refiners? If Malaysia is an oil exporting country, why
> can't we sell
> petrol or diesel at cheaper prices like other oil producing
> countries in
> the Middle East?

> I guess I don't have to answer the first couple of
> questions. It's
> simple economics, and crude oil is a global commodity.

> Why can't we sell petrol and diesel at lower prices
> like in the Middle
> East? Well, comparing Saudi Arabia and other big producers
> to Malaysia
> is like comparing kurma to durian, because these Middle
> Eastern
> countries have much, much, much bigger oil and gas
> reserves.

> Malaysia has only 5.4 billion barrels of oil reserves, and
> about 89
> trillion cubic feet of gas. Compare that to Saudi
> Arabia's 260 billion
> barrels of oil and 240 trillion cubic feet of gas.

> Malaysia only produces 600,000 barrels per day of oil.
> Saudi Arabia
> produces 9 million barrels per day. At this rate, Saudi
> Arabia's crude
> oil sales revenue could amount to US$1.2 billion per day!
> At this rate,
> it can practically afford almost everything -- free
> education,
> healthcare, etc, and subsidies -- for its people.

> But if we look at these countries closely, they have in the
> past few
> years started to come up with policies and strategies
> designed to
> prolong their reserves and diversify their income bases. In
> this sense,
> Malaysia (and PETRONAS) has had a good head start, as we
> have been doing
> this a long time.

> Fuel prices in Malaysia is controlled by the Government
> based on a
> formula under the Automatic Pricing Mechanism introduced
> more than a
> couple of decades ago. It is under this mechanism that the
> complex
> calculation of prices is made, based on the actual cost of
> petrol or
> diesel, the operating costs, margin for dealers, margin for
> retail oil
> companies (including PETRONAS Dagangan Bhd) and the
> balancing number of
> duty or subsidy. No retail oil companies or dealers
> actually make money
> from the hike of the fuel prices. Oil companies pay for the
> products at
> market prices, but have to sell low, so the Government
> reimburses the
> difference -- thus subsidy.

> Subsidy as a concept is OK as long as it benefits the
> really deserving
> segment of the population. But there has to be a limit to
> how much and
> how long the Government should bear and sustain subsidy. An
> environment
> where prices are kept artificially low indefinitely will
> not do anyone
> any good. That's why countries like Indonesia are more
> pro-active in
> removing subsidies. Even Vietnam (which is a socialist
> country, by the
> way) is selling fuel at market prices.

> 5) I feel I also need to say something on the allegation
> is not transparent in terms of its accounts, business
> transactions etc.

> PETRONAS is first and foremost a company, operating under
> the rules and
> regulations of the authorities including the Registrar of
> Companies, and
> the Securities Commission and Bursa Malaysia for its listed
> four
> subsidiaries (PETRONAS Dagangan Bhd, PETRONAS Gas Bhd, MISC
> Bhd and KLCC
> Property Holdings Bhd.

> PETRONAS the holding company produces annual reports which
> are made to
> whomever wants them, and are distributed to many parties
> and places;
> including to the library at the Parliament House for
> perusal and reading
> pleasure of all Yang Berhormat MPs (if they care to read).
> makes the annual report available on its website, for those
> who bother
> to look. The accounts are duly audited.

> The website also contains a lot of useful information, if
> people really
> care to find out. Although PETRONAS is not listed on Bursa
> Malaysia, for
> all intents and purposes, it could be considered a listed
> entity as its
> bonds and financial papers are traded overseas. This
> requires scrutiny
> from investors, and from rating agencies such as Standard
> & Poor and
> Moody's.

> 6) The last time I checked, this is still a democratic
> country, where
> people are free to spend their money wherever they like.

> For those who like to see more of the money that they spend
> go back to
> the local economy and benefiting their fellow Malaysians,
> perhaps they
> should consider sticking to local products or companies.

> For those who like to see that the money they spend go back
> to foreign
> shareholders of the foreign companies overseas, they should
> continue
> buying foreign products.

> I'm sorry this is rather long, but I just have to
> convey it. I hope this
> would help some of you out there understand something. The
> oil and gas
> industry, apart from being very capital intensive, is also
> very complex
> and volatile. I'm learning new things almost every
> single day.

to be continue..

atlantis 19-06-2008 12:41 AM

dah lama ni!

memang untungnya kat gomen....
tu pasal sumer maki dolah

tak maki petronas.

ARIFFX 19-06-2008 12:42 AM

> Appreciate if you could help to forward this response to as
> many
> contacts as possible to counter the subversive proposal out
> there.

> Thank you.

> Best regards,
> Nora
> Noraina Abdul Rahman
> Contract Services
> Corporate & Commercial Services Dept
> Crude Oil Group, PETRONAS
> Tel : 603 2331 2720
> Fax : 603 2331 3129
> email :

1st time bukak tanah..:D
silakan bg pendapat anda.. copy paste dr emel je ni..

atlantis 19-06-2008 12:44 AM

yg tulis ni pun tak ada bukti petronas yg tulis !

ala2 wakil menteri ada :))

atlantis 19-06-2008 12:47 AM

ada bau2 menyokong jual mahal.
apa untung pada dia ?
apsal dia susah2 tulis panjang2

ini sumer kerja tentera kerajaan lah !

ARIFFX 19-06-2008 12:55 AM


Originally Posted by atlantis (Post 1610971)
ada bau2 menyokong jual mahal.
apa untung pada dia ?
apsal dia susah2 tulis panjang2

ini sumer kerja tentera kerajaan lah !

entah le cikgu???

yg sane kate mcmni,
yg cni plak kate mcmtu..
~X( ~X( ~X( ~X( ~X( ~X(

xtau mane satu nk ikut

kalau 19-06-2008 12:55 AM

a long explanation.....pedih gak mata bace....

atlantis 19-06-2008 12:57 AM


Originally Posted by ARIFFX (Post 1611028)
entah le cikgu???

yg sane kate mcmni,
yg cni plak kate mcmtu..
~X( ~X( ~X( ~X( ~X( ~X(

xtau mane satu nk ikut

alaa... petronas tu jual barang free..
kalau nak kasi staff dia gaji berapa pun boleh.
nak kasi bonus berapa pun boleh.

tapi gomen kata toksah. kasi sikit2 cukup.
nak wat camna ? :))

kizuro 19-06-2008 12:59 AM

at least sebahagian ape yg dia cerita tu adalah perkara yg betul....sape yg faham dengan industri oil & gas sure tahu pasal ni.

ARIFFX 19-06-2008 01:03 AM


Originally Posted by atlantis (Post 1611043)
alaa... petronas tu jual barang free..
kalau nak kasi staff dia gaji berapa pun boleh.
nak kasi bonus berapa pun boleh.

tapi gomen kata toksah. kasi sikit2 cukup.
nak wat camna ? :))


anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 01:06 AM

emm nak konar camner tak leh nak selamat dah....Kerajaan sekarang turun!!!!

atlantis 19-06-2008 01:07 AM

kalau reseve minyak kita tinggal sikit lak.
apsal belanja tak berhemah!
siap beli jet peribadi.

buat kakilima harga bilion2 yg konfom takde orang beli(sebab nak beli beras pun korek tabung)

politik(temberang) je sumer ni :))

atlantis 19-06-2008 01:09 AM

email ni kuar masa pertol naik 30sen haritu.

tak ada sapa nak hebahkan.
dah tau sapa dalangnya :eek:

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 01:13 AM

Budak tadika bolehlah kencing.....ishhh Pak ****Lah ni....

rekod Petronas berdasarkan laporan tahunannya, hasilnya sentiasa meningkat dari setahun ke setahun, katanya.
Pada tahun 2006, keuntungan selepas cukai ialah RM43 bilion, sedangkan harga minyak dunia ketika itu ialah USD65 (satu tong), katanya.

"Sekarang harga minyak naik lebih USD130 satu tong, tentunya Petronas akan mendapat keuntungan yang lebih lagi.

"Pada tahun 2007 pula keuntungan bersih Petronas ialah 46.4 bilion.Dalam laporan tahunanya pendapatan besarnya disumbangkan oleh minyak yang telah dijual kepada orang ramai melalui stesen-stesen minyak (domestics) iaitu RM62.7 bilion pada tahun 2007.Ini bermakna minyak yang dijual Petronas kepada orang ramai menjadi sumber pendapatan terbesar Petronas," katanya.

Makin Masyuk tu!!!!

Mengkarung campur siamang UMNO ni

cdiQ 19-06-2008 01:14 AM

nice explanation..thx bro :D

ARIFFX 19-06-2008 01:16 AM

:-? :-? :-? :-?

jd skarg ni problemnye bukan kat petronas,,
tp kat kerajaan la?

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 01:29 AM


Originally Posted by ARIFFX (Post 1611152)
:-? :-? :-? :-?

jd skarg ni problemnye bukan kat petronas,,
tp kat kerajaan la?

Dua2 kepala sama jer..berapa bynk Petronas membazir...cuba cakap..??..Pak lah pulak guna lagi reason minyak naik

Berapa Petronas buat pelaburan dalam iklan dia bla..bla F1..bla..etc..duit tu ,duit rakyat..

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 01:33 AM

sorang kaber kos ni naik..tu naik..mangkuk la lps umum baru nak ckp maintenance naik!! bohong!!!..masing2 nak kaber line

emmm kita bukan orng kampung!!!!

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 01:36 AM

Meh kita nyanyi

Hari nie tah hari berapa Pak Lah jadi PM kami
Memang dari dulu kami sokong sampai lani
Tapi hari nie, buka mata, senak perut anak bini
Tengok Pak Lah habag minyak naik lagi

Memang kami tak tau pasai ekonomi
Yang tau semua Pak Lah ngan kroni
Tapi sampai bila nak jadi lagu nie
Dapat gaji habis tak berbaki

Pak Lah habag tak boleh buat apa
Nie semua ekonomi dunia
Kalau tak naik nanti dunia kata apa
Habis tu yang rakyat dok menderita, tak pa ka

Dulu Pak Lah kata nak jaga rakyat
Kunun Pak lah nak kerja sama sama dengan rakyat
Nie dok nampak macam nak telan kederat
Dok nampak kami yang nak melarat

silverchair959 19-06-2008 01:37 AM

petronas disuruh kerajaan supaya kaver kerajaan...hehehehe

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 01:37 AM

Pak Lah kata masalah rakyat nak ambik berat
Kunun tak mau tengok rakyat hidup melarat
Tapi kalau macam nie punya sarat
Darah rakyat pun boleh sejat

Kerajaan ada kata rakyat manja subsidi
Kunun asyik kerajaan saja dok bagi
Sapa kata kami rakyat tak pernah bagi
Tu...yang lima tahun sekali tu....sapa bagi??

Tiap kali naik harga, dok banding sini sana
Hampa tengok, kat Thailand lagi mahai dari kita
Apa jenis depa punya kira
Awat tak ikut pulak Brunai punya harga

Brunai tak leh kira
depa punya minyak berlambak tak terkira
Awat, minyak Malaysia tak dak harga ka?
kalau tidak, tak kan jual minyak kita beli minyak depa

Ada Petronas pun tak leh buat apa
Ada duit sikit, dah nak mengada
Pi buat segala menara pagoda kembaq dua
Nak tunjuk, kami la kaya

Petronas kata kami tak tau apa
Kerajaan yang buat kira bicara
Kami ikut apa depa kata
Royalti jadi ehsan pun kami tak leh kata apa

Kunun dok habag petronas hak rakyat semua
Pakailah minyak petronas, nanti untung dapat kat kita
Nie, nak tanya la....tiap tahun untung beribu juta
Rakyat dapat apa ????? kudis buta....

Hari nie petrol naik 2.70 woi...
Tengok pulak apa cerita sat lagi
Habis ikan, ayam, cabai sampai ke cili
depa pun sama tumbas naik sekali

Nanti ada la menteri tolong bercakap
Sapa naik harga dia nak pi tangkap
Sampai bila la dia nie nak ubah sikap
Ingat yang dok meniaga kat market tu heran kot dia
punya cakap

Pak Lah mau renung nasib kami
Kais hari nie makan untuk kemarin pagi
Anak kecik pun dok ada lagi
Boleh hidup ka kami lagu nie

Dah tak larat nak tanggung cukai
Sini cukai, sana cukai
Dari tanah sampai ke pintu punya ada cukai
Dah sampai masa kot Pak Lah kena guna akai

Jangan dok ingat rakyat macam Pak Lah
Gaji berpuluh ribu hidup tak susah
Ada anak pulak bisnes sebelah sebelah
Dapat tender pun tak payah susah susah

Kami rakyat bukan macam tu
Malah la nie pun dah ada rebus siput **** dgan batu
Sedih sungguh ohhhh negara ku
Biar tak merdeka terus pun tak pa kalau lagu tu

Dah sampai masa Pak Lah ingat
Selesai masalah rakyat cepat cepat
Nanti kot rakyat naik meluat
satu undi pun Pak Lah tak dapat

Cukup la sampai di sini
Tobat dah...aku tak mengundi BN kali nie
BN-Parti Barang Naik pulak kot jadi depa lani
Kot ada sapa nak Barang Naik lagi undi la depa

atlantis 19-06-2008 01:40 AM

panjang giler
ini lagu ke ratapan ? :))

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 01:43 AM

Ubah Gaya Hidup BN: They Live Like Kings!

notrexdame 19-06-2008 01:44 AM


Originally Posted by anuarinvestor (Post 1611281)

mana dapat nuar????????????

g r a n p a 19-06-2008 01:44 AM


Originally Posted by atlantis (Post 1611263)
panjang giler
ini lagu ke ratapan ? :))

tu la pasal...ingatkan pendek jek...sekali click next page ada lagi sambungan nye....

mana hang dapat lagu ni nuar?:))

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 01:45 AM


Originally Posted by atlantis (Post 1611263)
panjang giler
ini lagu ke ratapan ? :))

Tahap dah takde nama dah!....:(( :((

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 01:53 AM


Tuan Mod Mintak Ijin Untuk Kempen sini buleh ya!

ARIFFX 19-06-2008 01:57 AM


Originally Posted by anuarinvestor (Post 1611322)

Tuan Mod Mintak Ijin Untuk Kempen sini buleh ya!

paklah kate jangan....

abahmu 19-06-2008 01:57 AM

suruh org tulis tu masuk web atau di siggy aku tu utk latest update psl keuntungan petronas....

hisham71 19-06-2008 02:40 AM

e mel ni kencing laaa
aku tau this year bonus utk staff petronas 10 bulan
last year pun lbh kurang gak bnyk ni
caiiittttt...lagi mau tipu kaaaaa

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 02:55 AM

* Malaysia sebagai negara ‘net exporter’ minyak mentah menerima habuan besar daripada kenaikan harga minyak dunia. Data-data yang dikeluarkan oleh Kerajaan menerusi Bank negara Malaysia dan Pembendaharaan Negara serta data-data dari Petronas sendiri menunjukkan semenjak dunia di landa krisis harga minyak mentah yang melambung, Malaysia menikmati pulangan yang semakin tinggi.

* Malaysia mengeluarkan 650 ke 700 ribu tong minyak mentah sehari (Bergantung kepada keluaran semasa).

* Malaysia menggunakan lebih kurang 400 ribu tong minyak mentah sehari.

* Ini bermakna Malaysia mengeksport bersih lebih 250 ribu tong sehari.

* Bagaimanapun minyak mentah keluaran Malaysia diklasifikasikan sebagai “Tapis Blend”, yang didefinisikan oleh Exxonmobil sebagai “Tapis Blend is a high quality, extra light, low sulfur crude. It has high quality clean products and conversion feed.” Iaitu minyak mentah berkualiti tinggi dan disebut oleh Hassan Merican sebagai Sweet and Light.

* Tapis Blend tidak digunakan dipasaran tempatan sebaliknya di eksport untuk pasaran luar negara pada harga yang mencecah 30% lebih tinggi dari harga minyak mentah yang digunakan didalam negara.

Mekanisme Penjualan Minyak Mentah Malaysia

Sebelum 2004, minyak mentah Malaysia di jual pada kadar USD30.00 satu tong. Hari ini harga pasaran bagi minyak mentah global berkisar di paras lebih USD130.00 satu tong. Ini beerti pendapatan negara menerusi segala bentuk cukai juga meningkat.

Telaga minyak di Malaysia dikendalikan oleh Petronas dan beberapa syarikat pengeluar minyak antarabangsa. Syarikat pengeluar ini mendapat keuntungan amat besar pada harga pasaran hari ini.

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, selaku Penasihat Petronas menulis di blognya, “Hampir tiada peningkatan di dalam kos pengeluaran (Oleh Petronas semenjak 3 tahun lalu) oleh itu lebihan USD100.00 satu tong boleh di anggap untung bersih.”

Oleh yang demikian, memandangkan Malaysia memiliki lebihan sekurang-kurangnya 250 ribu tong sehari setelah ditolak penggunaan tempatan maka bagi setiap 1 tong itu pengeluar mendapat untuk bersih tidak kurang USD100.00.

250 tong x USD100 x 365 hari = Untung Bersih

Ini bererti pengeluar mendapat keuntungan berlipat ganda dan mereka terpaksa membayar cukai yang lebih tinggi kepada kerajaan.

Kesannya, kerajaan memperoleh pendapatan yang lebih tinggi menerusi cukai langsung, cukai tidak langsung, dividen dan royalti dari hasil petroleum dan gas, berbanding 3 tahun yang lalu.

Data Perbedaharaan menunjukkan kenaikan pendapatan hasil kerajaan melonjak semenjak Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menerajui negara dan lonjakan ini adalah disebabkan kenaikan hasil yang diperolehi kerajaan menerusi

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 03:02 AM

Sengaja Membingungkan Rakyat......

* Cukai Langsung dari Cukai Pendapatan Syarikat Petroleum yang meningkat dari RM 11.5 B pada tahun 2004 kepada RM 20.7 B dalam tahun 2006.

* Cukai Tak Langsung dari Duti Eksport Petroleum yang meningkat dari RM 11.5 B pada tahun 2004 kepada RM 2.3 B pada tahun 2006.

* Hasil Bukan Cukai – Dividen Petronas daripada RM9.1 B dalam tahun kewangan 2004 yang melonjak 100% kepada RM18.0 B pada tahun berakhir 2006.

* Hasil Bukan Cukai – Royalti Petroleum dan Gas yang meningkat dari RM2.5 B pada tahun 2004 kepada RM4.2 B pada tahun 2006.

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 03:08 AM

Mengapa Subsidi Petrol dan Diesel tidak membebankan Negara

Seperti yang dijelaskan, Malaysia mengeluarkan 650 ke 700 tibu tong minyak mentah sehari. Kegunaan dalam negara pula hanyalah 400 ribu tong sehari. Negara mengalami lebihan 250 ke 300 ribu tong sehari untuk dieksport ke luar negara.

Memandangkan kegunaan minyak mentah dalam negara tidak memerlukan minyak mentah berkualiti tinggi, maka 400 ribu tong minyak mentah yang dikhaskan untuk kegunaan dalam negara di tukar di pasaran dengan 400 ribu tong minyak minyak berkualiti rendah. Pertukaran ini juga menguntungkan negara kerana minyak mentah negara dari kelas Tapis Blend yang harga lebih tinggi dari minyak mentah yang diperlukan oleh negara. Ini bermakna negara samada mendapat lebih minyak atau mendapat pulangan kewangan bersama minyak yang ditukar itu.

Ini bererti, sebarang kenaikan harga minyak mentah dalam pasaran global langsung tidak menjejaskan negara.

Oleh yang demikian tiada sebab mengapa kerajaan perlu menaikan harga petrol dan diesel dengan memberi alasan mengurangkan subsidi terhadap bahan bakar tersebut!

anuarinvestor 19-06-2008 03:13 AM

Hakikatnya kita pakai minyak..huhuh yang berkualiti rendah!!!!!!!!

atlantis 19-06-2008 03:20 AM


Originally Posted by anuarinvestor (Post 1611529)
Hakikatnya kita pakai minyak..huhuh yang berkualiti rendah!!!!!!!!

dahla dapat free,
jual yg free tu, beli lak yg murah

tapi harga ikut dunia.
bijak tul pala ***** :mad:

taurusboyz90 19-06-2008 11:33 AM

betul ke ni?:-? ada sesapa leh confirm kan?:-?

ARIFFX 19-06-2008 09:16 PM

huih!! penuh dgn fakta2 jitu..

ZPMC 19-06-2008 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by anuarinvestor (Post 1611206)
Dua2 kepala sama jer..berapa bynk Petronas membazir...cuba cakap..??..Pak lah pulak guna lagi reason minyak naik

Berapa Petronas buat pelaburan dalam iklan dia bla..bla F1..bla..etc..duit tu ,duit rakyat..

iklan tu penting supaya seluruh dunia kenal petronas kalau x terkenal mcm maner nak dpt kontrak2 kat luar negara,,

atlantis 19-06-2008 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by ZPMC (Post 1617991)
iklan tu penting supaya seluruh dunia kenal petronas kalau x terkenal mcm maner nak dpt kontrak2 kat luar negara,,

negara lain pun buat iklan gak.
patut2 la.

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