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wan6224 18-08-2011 04:00 PM

Hati2 semua...
Selalu lah tukar2 password anda

sedinho 18-08-2011 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by akukayo (Post 10465413)
menyamar jadi ib ke...

dia hack,pastu draw duit orang lain.

Aaqil Rayyan 18-08-2011 05:41 PM

scammerrr lagi....haishhh dpt mau jentik je hidung die 18-08-2011 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by Aaqil Rayyan (Post 10467098)
scammerrr lagi....haishhh dpt mau jentik je hidung die

Bukan idung tapi tut dia :eek: kasi dia :((:((

agbiz2u 18-08-2011 08:01 PM


Originally Posted by sedinho (Post 10466959)
dia hack,pastu draw duit orang lain.

orang macam ni kena sepak kat testis ni:mad::mad:

anoone 18-08-2011 09:08 PM


Originally Posted by gOdFeLLa (Post 10463690)
Makluman kepada semua IB Instaforex,
Sila blok semua payment ke akaun bank dibawah. Disyaki SCAMMER.

Nama Bank = Maybank
Nama Akaun Bank = Illusion System Services
No. Akaun Bank = 564164111934

noted boss...makin menjadi2 scammer neh...#:-S#:-S

sunnyfx 18-08-2011 09:10 PM


Originally Posted by anoone (Post 10468701)
noted boss...makin menjadi2 scammer neh...#:-S#:-S

Dah ditakdirkan dieorg takde kemahiran trade...hacking @ samun akaun org je yang tau.#:-S

anoone 18-08-2011 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by sunnyfx (Post 10468706)
Dah ditakdirkan dieorg takde kemahiran trade...hacking @ samun akaun org je yang tau.#:-S

susahla mcm ni...#:-S#:-S

teruk2 trader bikin profit..senang ajer sebat...#:-S#:-S

anoone 18-08-2011 09:21 PM

banyak kemudahan untuk clients...:)

banyak saluran depo dan widraw...:)

kini instawallet menjadi alternatif untuk membeli usd dgn rate yg lebih rendah..:D

jgn lupa baca tnc nya dulu yer...:)

azam575 18-08-2011 09:26 PM

Ni peraturan utk scalping kontes :d

"Real Scalping" Terms and Conditions

1. General conditions

1.1. Contest title - "InstaForex Real Scalping" (hereinafter - Contest).
1.2. The Contest is organized by InstaForex Companies Group (hereinafter - Organizer).
1.3. It is a monthly Contest, held every month from 00:00 the first Monday of the month till 23:59:59(terminal time) the last Friday of the month.
1.4. Registration for the next monthly contest is carried out from 00:00 (terminal time) at the first day of the current contest till 00:00 (terminal time) at the first day of the next contest.
1.5. The period of the first contest "Real Scalping InstaForex" holding is from February 1, 2010 till February 26, 2010.
1.6. Registration for the first contest "Real Scalping InstaForex" 2010 will start at 00:00 (terminal time) January 11, 2010 and finish at 23:59 (terminal time) January 31, 2010.
1.7. Prize fund of each monthly contest amounts to 6000 USD, distributed among the winners in the following way:
1 place - 2000 USD;
2 place - 1500 USD;
3 place - 1000 USD;
4 place - 500 USD;
5 place - 400 USD;
6 place - 300 USD;
7 place - 200 USD;
8 place - 100 USD;

2. Participants
2.1. Only clients who are over 18 may participate in the Contest.
2.2. Every Participant must sign up at the InstaForex website.
2.3. For participation in each monthly contest Participants open separate DEMO trading account.
2.4. Participant agrees with a necessity of providing true information during the registration.
2.5. In case the attempts to take part in the Contest using several trading accounts or anonymous proxy will be detected, it will lead to a disqualification.
2.6. The Organizer reserves the right to decline registration of any participant without explaining the reason or disqualify any participant during the Contest with an explanation. The reason of disqualifying can be opening the big volume opposite orders with the same currency pairs in different trading accounts at the same time approximately, as well as usage of failures in the quote flow for getting guaranteed profit.
2.7. Signing up Participant accepts all the restrictions and rules of the Contest.
2.8. The participation close relatives in the same contest is forbidden. If the registration data of the Contestant's account coincides with the registration information of another Contestant, the Company has a right to regard this matching as a reason for disqualification.

3. Trading conditions
3.1. After the registration in the Contest Participant gets a DEMO trading account.
3.2. Initial deposit is 20 000,00 USD for all the Participants and can not be changed.
3.3. All orders which were put at non-market price are destined to cancellation.
3.4. Participants may use Expert Advisors and any trading strategies without any restrictions.
3.5. All trading instruments which are available in InstaForex trading terminal can be used in trading except GOLD.
3.6. Minimum volume of a deal is 0.01, maximum - 1 lot. Step is 0.01 lots.
3.7. Participant can change his trading account to Swap-free by contacting Technical department.
3.8. Maximal number of deals including pending orders is 5.
3.9. Stop-out level is 10%.
3.10. Other trading conditions for contest trading accounts are the same as for the live trading accounts of InstaForex.

4. Results publication
4.1. The equity of Participants accounts is available in free access at company's web-site during the contest period.
4.2. Organizer reserves the right to publish participants' statements after the Contest finishes.
4.3. Statistics of regions and countries which Participants are from may be published as well.
4.4. Contest results will be published during 30 days after contest finishes and all checking procedures are done.

5. Winners specification
5.1. After current contest finishes all deals will be closed automatically by current prices.
5.2. In case, two Participants have the same profit the decision who is the winner will be taken by Organizer.
5.3. The winners of the Contest agree with their Name publishing.
5.4. For getting the prize, every winner should meet the condition: you should take not less than 5% of profit by each of the currency pairs GBPUSD and GBPJPY.
5.5. Participant who took one of the prize-winning places in the Contest may not pretend to the prize during the next month. If he/she takes the prize place in the second contest in a row, his/her prize is transferred to the next participant by rank and the rank is moved per one.

6. Prize receipt
6.1. The winners must send their photos and scanned copies of their ID by e-mail [email protected] or by fax (+7 4012 616265) during 30 days after the results of the Contest are announced.
6.2. The prize funds will be credited to the trading account opened by Contest Administration.
6.3. All prizes including the first prize cannot be withdrawn, however any profit made over the prize amount can be withdrawn without any limits.
6.4. A trading account is charged off automatically at filing an application for withdrawal. At considering the application specialists make sure that the balance and free margin comply with the amount of funds available for withdrawing. In case of incompliance the sum specified in the withdrawal application is credited back to the account.

All times are GMT +8. The time now is 02:41 PM.

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