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burung_unta 20-06-2012 12:20 AM


Originally Posted by ss_izal (Post 13586255)
macam mana korang stakat ni? harap ada penyelesaian esok sebab katanya tt nak balik dah kan?

apa citer bro skybox sekarang ye? dah belik garisan baru ke?

skybox beli garisan c baru dari provider lain dah.

skybox 20-06-2012 01:17 AM


Originally Posted by skybox (Post 13475072)
Since Elmyda "claims" that I have not been reasonable in dealing with him on the phone, then let me deal with him from now onwards solely and entirely here on the forum, for all to see and to decide who is ethical and reasonable and to see who is cheating whom.

I have already highlighted my problem with this vendor in previous posts in great detail. To quickly summarize, before buying from him, I called him for specific clarification on his product and he gave me 5 promises and assurances (Stated in my earlier post), bottom line now is that he has failed to deliver on his promises ( in particular promise #2 that his servers are smooth and stable). I have 100% fulfilled my side of the deal by paying him in full for the products.

Now I am stuck (i have totally no choice in this) with HIS product, that is not performing as HE promised. I have PAID for a flawed and defective product that does not work as he promised. The picture quality is extremely bad, totally unacceptable and gets stuck every few seconds. You can see from posts from other CG members that I am not an isolated case.

I had even BEFORE my first post on this forum, suggested a refund to close the case, which he has flatly refused. He told me that the solution was for me to sell my sub to others. I told him i have absolutely no intention to sell any defective product to others. He is not even responding to me now. Note, i am not even insisting that he get his servers resolved, sorted out and working 100% immediately, i gave him the option to refund me the cost of the cline. I would have been happy to close this case if he gives me a solution to this problem. As I said I did not pay for excuses for a flawed and defective product. Let's see how Elmyda now proposes to resolve the problem of his bad and unacceptable server.

And no my intention is not to bring Elmyda down. I tried to resolve with him on the phone but he refused to resolve the problem. My intention is simply to get Elmyda to resolve the problem, to treat me, his customer fairly. Just revolve the problem and i will close this case. No one likes or wants to be cheated.

Day 12 and still absolutely no attempt at resolution from Elmyda (as can be readily and easily verified from this thread), looks like he has really no intention whatsoever to resolve this problem and has infact run away. Elmyda's actions (or rather inaction) COMPLETELY confirms that he is really a CONMAN!! I would like to again warn other CG members to be extremely careful when dealing with this unscrupulous vendor. When you ignore a problem in business, it just keeps on getting bigger!!!

Yes he left me with no option but to purchase another cline from another source, which as some others are now probably also finding out .... can be totally lag free and as smooth as silk. This CONMAN Elmyda left me with no choice ...... he took my money, then arrogantly refused to even acknowledge this problem, has been totally ignoring me, and flatly refused to refund .... even though he has totally misrepresented and lied to me about his problematic server and is now unable to deliver as he had promised

mr.rajoli 20-06-2012 05:10 AM

Sabar semua..TT mencari rezeki kerana Allah ...( kata TT la)

zackries 20-06-2012 07:46 AM


Originally Posted by burung_unta (Post 13583391)
channel package movie, mustika, channel cina(dynasty etc), metro semua scramble. yang dapat famili pakej, sport, learning. dari malam tadi. semua macam tu ke?

sy pn sm mcm tuan, sesetengah chanel jea blh tgk. tp alhamdulillah gak la blh tgk dr bergelap terus. chanel yg blh tgk pn lagnya dh berkurang. dpt gak la org umh tgk master chef, klu x ashik dgr dia merungut jea x dpt tgk.

choo 20-06-2012 10:42 AM


Originally Posted by din cacing (Post 13585390)
Brape lama terang nya tu

Sampai hari ini masih elok, tak macam dulu, cd pun tak calar...

jumanjimd 20-06-2012 10:52 AM

a'kum tt...home sweet home.
da ready suma bg la respon kat cni ye tt

fyzue 20-06-2012 10:52 AM


Originally Posted by choo (Post 13589888)
Sampai hari ini masih elok, tak macam dulu, cd pun tak calar...

Alhamdulillah..baguslah TT dah perbaiki s3rv3r dia.
Kawan xbersempatan nak check lg hari,ptg2 br dapat.

jumanjimd 20-06-2012 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by fyzue (Post 13589996)
Alhamdulillah..baguslah TT dah perbaiki s3rv3r dia.
Kawan xbersempatan nak check lg hari,ptg2 br dapat.

Test lkrg 30min td...
Result: ada improvement tp msh kerap cd calar. X tau la pulak masa peak hours nt.

Littleemmo 20-06-2012 11:51 AM


Originally Posted by jumanjimd (Post 13590505)
Test lkrg 30min td...
Result: ada improvement tp msh kerap cd calar. X tau la pulak masa peak hours nt.

a'a ada improvement :)cgrock tapi macam ko kate msh ade cd caler:((

takatadome 20-06-2012 12:01 PM

hi semua, aku register kat CG ni semata2 nk post reply ni. 2 minggu lepas aku mmg ada beli openbox+cline service dari seller ni kat lelong.

hari pertama pakai mmg dah terasa lagging nye, terasa nafas tersekat2 bila tengok tv tu. cam biasa la, call dia, dia kata server ok kalau server tak ok customer lain mesti kena masalah yg sama punya. rasa tak puas hati, godek2 ccam config tu nampak la server name dia, sekali tgk pakai P1 daaa.. lagi dia salahkan line aku, aku pakai unifi fiber to the home ok. tak pernah aku tgk ada org buat server pakai wireless broadband

so far, jumlah masa aku pakai openbox ni tak sampai pun 10 jam sejak beli. nasib baik la ada hypptv. ni tgh mencari cline provider baru.

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