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amirah_husna79 10-02-2010 03:33 PM

salam...saya mencari cream utk menghilangkan jeragat jenis melasme maksudnya yang tumbuh mcm tahi lalat di permukaan kulit..saya try search maklumat ttg masalah ni dan saya jumpa maklumat seperti berikut : kalau nak hilangkan melasme menggunakan cream yang mengandungi hydroquinone...apa pandangan saudari..nak tahu solution...sebab dah makin byk mcm tahi lalat

fendikya 20-05-2010 09:43 AM


Originally Posted by farmasi (Post 3037124)
357 Nasal Spray RM65/10 ml = 120 doses
357 Nasal Spray RM39/5 ml = 60 doses (New)

Digunakan secara tradisional untuk melegakan hidung tersumbat.

Steroid free Nasal Spray
100% Herbal base

Apa makna 357?
3 ialah dalam 30 saat akan lega masalah hidung tersumbat
5 ialah dalam 5 minit akan lega masalah hidung berair
7 ialah dalam 7 minit akan lega semua masalah

Dos Dewasa:
Selepas bersihkan hidung, semburkan 1-2 kali ke dalam hidung, 2 kali sehari.

Dos Kanak-kanak 3-12 tahun
Selepas bersihkan hidung, semburkan 1 kali ke dalam hidung, 2 kali sehari.

MAL 06061468T

ni da xleh jual lgi dah...ade racun dexamethasone y boleh mnyebabkn tekanan darah tggi,edema n sindrom cushingoid..bahaya...bahaya...kuar paper BH arini 20 may 2010..

farmasi 11-06-2010 12:09 PM

etty 30-07-2010 05:18 AM

nk tnyee
sy smbelit thp melampau
buah ape x mkn, sume dah bantai
obat pon same
mcm2 jns dh.
yg pliknya, sy ni antu buah+syr
tp nk mmbuang pnye la pyh
cmne ek?
pm ek

veriton77 10-08-2010 09:47 AM

ada jual zenoctil tak? boleh pm harga tak?

cik_nani 02-09-2010 10:17 AM

xenical ade stok tak?pm eh

farmasi 25-09-2010 01:07 PM


Originally Posted by veriton77 (Post 7057718)
ada jual zenoctil tak? boleh pm harga tak?

RM90/60's tak termasuk kos pos

farmasi 27-09-2010 02:26 PM More Info Buy Now!

Zenoctil 60's
NP: RM98
Offer: RM90

Zenoctil™ is a clinically tested fat burner (thermogenic agent). It is made from natural ingredients using a non-drug formula. With no known harmful side effects, Zenoctil is safe for long-term use.

Zenoctil™ is the only fat burner that contains Xanitrol™, a patented compound of essential bioactives from extracts of commonly used food sources. Zenoctil™ helps to burn stored body fat and prevents excess fat storage. It also helps to reduce stress associated with dieting while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Zenoctil™ is a safe and effective way to burn fat and sustain weight loss

farmasi 30-09-2010 02:15 PM

Zenoctil testimoni
What others say about Zenoctil

I am so thrilled, I’d like to share my experience. I can't believe I could lose my fat belly and trim off 2 inches from my waistline in just 2 months! I've been using Zenoctil™ and I have dropped 3 kilos and about 4% of my body fat. From a size 16, I now fit a size 14. It’s like a dream that needs to continue as I still want to lose more fat. I’ve been enjoying the evenings out with my friends cycling around the neighbourhood. It’s nice to feel light and I look forward to getting lighter. I find that I could do more activities too because I seem to have high energy levels. I look forward to outdoor activities like the plan to go hiking in the woodlands with my friends this summer.

I have been following your "Tips for getting a trim figure" for about 3 months. The change in me is rather dramatic and definitely visible, both physically and emotionally. Just imagine, I weighed 90 kilos when I started and now I only weigh 85 kilos! I’ve been trying for sometime to drop my weight and it is only now that I have seen results because of Zenoctil™. To top it all, my entire family is enjoying my lively company as we do things together and create healthy meals together. I feel great and together we do common chores like gardening, plan outdoor activities including evening walks and we even go for weekly cycling trips to the nearby park.

I am actually sending this as a thank you note to you. I have been trying so hard for so long to lose my fat belly. I have gained a fat belly during my pregnancy and have gained further with each pregnancy. I have been having a constant wardrobe change because of this. I have three children now and I want to stop gaining more flab.

At one point, I managed to lose some weight by cutting heavily on my carbo intake. But since I felt lethargic whenever I do this, I always end up going back to my regular meals. Thank you for the learning points your website provides. I have finally succeeded at getting rid of some of my unwanted belly fat. The most readily seen measurement is my waistline, my waist size went down from 97 cm to 85 cm. Thanks Zenoctil™.


farmasi 14-10-2010 04:37 PM

Reductil sudah ditarikh balik kelulusannya oleh KKM
baca lagi ni sini

Jom tukar kepada Zenoctil, herba utk kurus tanpa preskripsi
Offer RM90/60 biji

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