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Posted 25-08-2010 at 05:17 PM by cabestld

It is with feelings of joy , after a few hours to run around the car finally came to the city you live , looking forward to and [url=]shox tl3[/url] you encounter , in the end did not see you , because you would not have to , it is I would have expected the results of a big crowd to find your sight , no doubt in a haystack so difficult , but foolishly I think happens to break the attachment to this innocently .
After a steady stream of people, looking at those strange faces , hope to meet you , every footsteps tread lightly from me , [url=]jordan shoes[/url] can it hurt if stepped on my heart , because those are not you, the minutes of a Seconds went by , I am wandering in the streets for several hours , but you did not come after all . Does not appear in my field of vision ; that does not blame you , because he did not make an appointment you can only blame themselves for too strange infatuation . I then went into an Internet cafe ! You want to make an appointment , may ultimately failed to mention courage in the face of the network are not [url=]nike dunk[/url] familiar with the mouse again and again to those familiar with the shuttle in the words , not only happiness but a kind heart, inexplicable pain , I really do not know our This relationship can they go one day, it can stay together . Of course, I always kind of hope with , but time might one day will get rid of it our commitment.
After reading your article , I always feel the feelings you seem somewhat far-fetched . Darling, please forgive me this straightforward , has been so for fear of losing you [url=]nike jordans[/url] speculate you , I saw a lot of the above article are general feeling of your heart , read the total time to produce a helpless people Sorrow , I felt an indescribable pain , I can not go to disturb others, can only make tears in the eyes round and round . Is three hours later, I played a bit with you online greeting ; I hurried out of the net! Because I did not see you, so was a little lost , the sour feeling that accompanied me on the trip back , I blankly across the road to pass through and suddenly heard a sound slam the brakes , then the driver opened the window , ferocious I swore to the DPRK : court [url=http://www.*****************]wholesale nfl jersey[/url] death ah ! God, I look to go past , eyes are wet , not because of the driver 's reviled , but I think in this line between life and death , if I really go on this way , it is so dead , my dear, you will not Look at me? Along the way I was so silly to think of this question, the eyes are really quite sad , though the sun is very hot , and I can not help shivering , and finally get on the home of car ,,,,,, thoughts Successively around , although I know that time will not be re-written to my dismay , I know that life sometimes is not enough of a story plot , we can not hope to have all the life in a kind of feeling of love , though , when experience will capture the heart Be , may eventually face the reality , perhaps the only remaining stretch of desolation and beauty of regret. But my heart still longing for the beauty of this fantasy can become reality, I 'm looking forward to it become my true story.
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